I shoot beautiful landscapes but I "put a happy little couple right there". I only wish I had a rockin' fro too!

Sometimes I feel like Bob Ross...

About laura

All joking aside, I fell in love with shooting landscapes first before realizing how much I love helping rad couples have a wedding day that is unique, intentional, and most of all FUN.

Big thanks for Vanessa, Adventure Officiant for this shot!

(Actual line from an actual review!)

...and sometimes I feel like a goat.

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"My friend told me she looked like a mountain goat getting from one place to another to grab photos from all angles"

...and sometimes I feel like a GOAT

actual line from actual review

When it comes to posing, I've got the secret sauce.

Are you worried about being in front of the camera?  You're not alone!  every single couple I've worked with is worried about this!  But you don't have to worry!

I'm going to give you enough direction so you don't feel like Ricky Bobby and you know what to do with your hands (where are my Talladega Nights fans at?!), but not so much direction where it feels awkward and something you would never do as a couple.  

It's all about observing how you already interact as a couple and building on that.  This creates a space for you to truly just be yourselves and it creates honest photographs that FEEL LIKE YOU.

"The photos are compeletely beyond what we were even dreaming of, but more importantly, Laura made the whole experience so much fun!"

-Sophie & Marcus married 10/18/21

being outside
a good hazy ipa
making other people laugh

Some of my favorite things

Seriously, the sun scares the shit out of me.  I wear SPF 70 on the regular!  I only come in two colors - casper and lobster.

I would rather spend all my money on travel and experiences.  (OK, and camera and camping gear!).  I love to explore new places!

I love a good dive bar just as much as an upscale cocktail bar.

Ginger, sarcastic AF, huge fan of sunscreen

Before pursuing photography full-time, I worked in animal welfare for almost 10 years.  Georgie came into the shelter I was working at and it was love at first sight!  I knew I had to take her home with me!

She's been with me since she was 5 months old.  She's the best gal pal a girl could ever ask for!  She loves sticks, tennis balls, and giving stinky, old-lady-breath kisses!

Meet Georgie "The Pie"

Life is better with a dog!

office asst, cfo (chief Fur officer)

A little Glimpse into my Personal Life...

I don't take on every elopement I'm approached with. This will be one of the most important days of your lives and you should absolutely have vendors that you connect with!  It's also important to me to work with couples who share my brand values!

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