Top 5 Places to Elope Near Asheville, NC

Couple eloping near Asheville, NC
Intimate ceremony at Wiseman’s View in the Linville Gorge Wilderness

One of the top questions for anyone wanting to elope near Asheville is “Where should we elope in The Blue Ridge Mountains?!” One of the best parts of my job is helping couples find the perfect location to say “I do”. So, I decided to put together a quick little list to help you narrow down areas to hold your mountain adventure elopement!

There are many things to consider when choosing a location such as hiking ability (for you and/or your guests if you’ll have any), time of year, and time of day. Luckily, these locations have options for almost every situation! And, if you’re wondering HOW to elope in the Asheville area, click here!

1. Pisgah National Forest

360 degree mountain views, waterfalls, lush forests! PNF has it ALL! It’s more than 500,000 acres of beauty! Most locations don’t require a permit and there is something for everyone!

Eloping couple in Pisgah National Forest kissing on a mountaintop
Eloping couple in Pisgah National Forest
Couple eloping in the mountains

Fun fact: Pisgah National Forest was established in 1915 after the Vanderbilt family sold the federal government 86,700 acres of their land. Today, Pisgah National Forest encompasses 500,000 acres and 15 counties. George Vanderbilt was also the first American landowner to implement scientific forestry on a large scale. Pisgah National Forest was the birthplace of forestry management!

2. Linville Gorge Wilderness

Linville Gorge is part of The Pisgah National Forest but this location needed its own section. It’s about 1.5 hours from Asheville but it is worth the haul, I promise you! The views are incredible and there is something for just about everyone here. There are even locations that are handicapped/ADA accessible. This makes it a solid choice for anyone who wants to keep it simple or go on a raging adventure!

Couple standing on rocks in the Linville Gorge Wilderness

3. Roan Highlands

Roan Highlands is a series of balds along the NC/TN border. Balds are unique to the Appalachian Mountains and are quite incredible. The Rhododendrons and the Flame Azaleas are breathtaking when they bloom in June, but this place is magic in any season!

The Appalachian Trail goes right through this area making it perfect for any adventurous couple! But, with the first bald being less than a mile from the trailhead, the location is ideal for folks that don’t want a huge hike, either.

Roan Highlands near Asheville, NC
View from Jane Bald
Couple with their dogs after eloping in the Blue Ridge Mountains
Sunset at Round Bald
Couple eloping at Roan Highlands

4. Nantahala National Forest

Located in the western most part of the state, Nantahala is the largest of the national forests in North Carolina. It has a whopping 531,148 acres with elevations ranging from 5,800 feet at Lone Bald in Jackson County to 1,200 feet in Cherokee County along Hiwassee River. “Nantahala” is a Cherokee word meaning “land of the noon day sun,” a fitting name for the Nantahala Gorge, where the sun only reaches to the valley floor at midday. It has some of the wettest lands in the country behind the Pacific Northwest.

The Appalachian Trail offers great hiking and breathtaking views. If you’d rather get the views from your car, you can take one of the scenic byways to take in the sites. This area also offers tons of waterfalls!

Couple walking in front of a waterfall
Eloping couple in Nantahala Nation Forest
LGBTQ couple after their waterfall elopement
Couple popping champagne after eloping

5. The Blue Ridge Parkway

There are tons of locations along the Blue Ridge Parkway that you can have a ceremony. The allure of the parkway is you can get epic views and not have to hike at all! Be aware though! That convenience comes with a lot of rules, too.

The Blue Ridge Parkway requires a Special Use Permit in order to hold your ceremony. They cost $100. While some locations are limited to fewer people due to safety reasons, most locations/permits are limited to 25 people total (this includes the couple, guests, and vendors)

Keep in mind that permits are not issued on federal holidays, federal holiday weekends, or during the month of October.

You can learn more about the rules and regulations by visiting

The Blue Ridge Parkway also has really awesome tunnels!
Couple kissing at an overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway
East Fork Overlook along The Blue Ridge Parkway
Couple at Craggy Gardens after their elopement
Post ceremony portraits at Craggy Gardens off The Blue Ridge Parkway
Eloping couple on the Blue Ridge Parkway

I hope this helped you at least narrow down a region of WNC to have your elopement ceremony. Location assistance is something I offer with every photography package. I’d love to help you find the perfect location to fit your needs!

Portrait of Sparks in the Forest - Asheville Elopement Photographer

Hey there! I’m Laura Sparks of Sparks in the Forest and I’m an elopement photographer based in Asheville, NC. I’ve lived in Asheville since 2008 so I know all the rad spots to say “I do!”

I’m here to help you have a day that is unique, intentional, and fun! Eloping gives you the freedom to craft an unforgettable day that you’ll LOVE!