Traditional weddings are like the white bread of weddings.

It's ... fine. But also standard. 

Elopements? We're talking ciabatta. Rye. Sourdough, baby!

You want something bolder, with flavor & depth. You want a day where you’re…
Waking up in a rad little mountain town.
Surrounded by pine trees, waterfalls, & cool breezes.
Able to take in epic views with the folks you love.
Free to explore all day & kick back with a beer all evening.

Okay YES! But how do we elope in Asheville? 

quick tips coming in hot!

You want a day where you’re eloping in Asheville, having the time of your life.

An officiant recognized by the state of NC

two witnesses

(more on this later!)

In order to make your marriage legal in North Carolina, you will need:

OK, first thing's first...  

(cannot be the officiant!)

But what if it's just the two of us?

Don't worry!  Your photographer (oh hey!) can sign as one of your witnesses.  We can find the other on the trail.  Or, if you're getting married at a venue, the staff is always willing to sign, too!

Where do we get a marriage license?

You'll definitely want one of those bad boys!

You'll go to the county Register of Deeds office during business hours to apply for a marriage license.  There is no waiting period.

From there, you'll have 60 days to perform the ceremony and make your marriage legit.  Remember the part about an officiant and two witnesses? 

The State of North Carolina does NOT recognize online ordination so you'll want to make sure your officiant is legit!  Don't worry.  I'll help you find one!

And now...

you DREAM!

Here are some next steps:

1. Pick Your Date

Every season in Asheville has a unique backdrop. As things begin warming up in the spring the waterfalls start rushing, summer is blooming with wildflowers, and wild colors sweep through the mountains every autumn. Every season has its unique aspects in terms of weather and tourism, but I know someone that can help you navigate all that (*cough cough* you’re on her website right now). 

3. Pick Your Location

In a place this incredible there’s no lack of locations, it’s just narrowing down the perfect one for you. First begin by assessing if you want to hike or not. If yes, start by assessing you/your guests hiking comfortability. There are plenty of accessible locations in Asheville for everyone’s skill level! If you think a venue is more your style then peep this list of 5 venues with sweet views. Location matching and scouting is my jam, I offer it with every package!

2. Hire a Photographer

My advice is to hire someone local who knows the area super well (hey, that's me!). And hiring a local photographer who helps plan (also, me) will take off a ton of stress–especially if you aren’t from here! I often have couples inquire without having a date or location set so don’t let that deter you from reaching out! Above all else, choose a photographer you gel with! Your photographer won’t just be taking photos, they’ll be a part of your memories. 

5. Choose Your Attire

4. Find Other Vendors

After you've selected a date, it's time to start filling out your day with other things you might need. HOT TIP: Hire local vendors! I have a list of every type of vendor you might need! First, find an officiant you feel comfortable and completely aligned with! From there, you can start thinking about all the little details you might want to include to personalize your day: hair/makeup, florals, private catering, unique stays, etc. 

Choosing the right wedding attire can make your experience more enjoyable. If you plan on hiking choose something you can move freely in. For summer months consider lightweight fabric to stay cool and in the cooler months you can layer up to stay warm!

HOT TIP: If you're wearing a dress, get something super flowy! When the wind catches it, it will be FIRE in photos.

6. Personalize It!

Start brainstorming all of your favorite things as a couple. Whether that's an activity like kayaking, or discovering new breweries. Maybe you're both into Star Wars or you had a certain meal on your first date. Anything and everything in between. Infuse those special things into your elopement day. The beauty of eloping is it gives you so much freedom to truly make it all about you!

and Laura was incredible with helping us get everything planned from afar. We wanted a really cozy and intimate winter elopement, and Laura really took the time to understand our vision. As a result, the pictures she took EXACTLY encapsulated the vibe of the day. She was very thoughtful with suggestions for everything from vendors to local wines to make our trip really special. I can’t recommend Laura (or eloping) enough!”

“My wife and I eloped from out of state…

– Bon Hullings Brenchley

Spend your elopement doing what you love most together outdoors. Get your blood pumping hiking Mt. Mitchell, kickback on a paddleboard, or hit the trails on your mountain bike! Who said fancy wedding get-ups are just for walking down the aisle!? You make dirt look GOOD. After the vows are shared and the celebration winds down, get cozy under the stars, far away from the city lights. 

Take your time cruising along the Blue Ridge Parkway and stopping to check out the views. Make your way to an easily accessible ceremony spot tucked in the woods. There’s plenty of space for the two of you or up to 25 of your favorite folks. Afterwards get stoked for some fine dining out in the woods, prepared over an open flame campfire by a private chef. Or head back for a night on the town in the River Arts District. 

Take your time getting ready together in the morning and literally stop to smell the rhododendron flowers on your way to the most epic place to exchange vows … a hot air balloon. As newlyweds you can wander Biltmore Estate gardens, go disk golfing, or get a flight at one of the South Slope breweries! Then end your elopement with the meal of your life, at one of the James Beard award winning restaurants downtown. 

Asheville’s got a little something for everybody.

What's the vibe for YOUR elopement?

The Outdoorsy

The Wanderer


You now have the foundation for planning your Asheville elopement.
What’s next?

The fun part! Building out the most kickass day ever! No need to do it alone or feel overwhelmed—I’m here for you—whenever you’re ready!

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