I have the best job in the world and I don't take my role in your day lightly.  Your experience means everything to me!

I hope to help make your mountain elopement completely kick-ass and worry-free!

I'm stoked you chose me to help make your day amazing!

a special thank you!

Let's do this!!!

Scroll down for some helpful tips, information, and vendor recommendations!

Here's what to expect next!

1. Planning Questionnaire

First up!  I"m going to be sending you the first of two questionnaires right after the "welcome email" that contained the link to this page.  This one is a little more in-depth as it's about the two of you and what you envision for the day.  It's also going to help me compile a location list for you.

3. Pick Your Location

WOOHOO!  Sometimes this step can feel daunting though.  Please reach out if you have additional questions about a certain area!  Sometimes it helps to just jump on a call and weigh out all of the pros and cons.  I'm here for you every step of the way!

2. Location List

This step typically happens about 6 months out.  (Obviously sooner in some cases if we don't have that much time!) I'll create a customized location list for you to choose from.  This list will contain things like how far it is from AVL (or your airbnb if I already have that info), hiking distance, trailhead accessibility, photos, and so on.

5. Activities!

4. Find Other Vendors

Now it's time to start filling out your day with other things you might need.  HOT TIP: Hire local vendors!  I have a list of every type of vendor you might need!

First, find an officiant.  Like the photographer, you're going to be spending a lot of time with this person.  Find someone you're completely aligned with!  Plus, you need this person to make your marriage actually legal haha!

From there, you can start thinking about things like  florals, hair/makeup, catering, etc.  Some couples hire a private chef to make a special meal at their Airbnb.  Start thinking all those little details you might want to include to personalize your day.

Start thinking about all of the things you'd like to include on your day.  Here are some ideas:
- Hiking
- Kayaking
- Hot Air Ballooning (Yep! We have that here!)
- Helicopter Ride (Yep!  We have that too!)
- Brewery Hopping
- Picnicking

And so many more!  

6. Timeline

At about 3 months out, I'm going to send you the 2nd and final questionnaire!  Don't worry, this one isn't nearly as in-depth as the first one.  It's more about final details, vendor info, and a general check-in to see if anything has changed.

* Start thinking about those little details for your ceremony and finding vendors to help make those details possible. Do you need hair/makeup done? What about a personal chef/catering/popup picnic, cake, etc. Dream big on this one! Eloping gives you the opportunity to make your day limitless!!!

* If you’re coming from out of town, you’ll want to figure out where you’ll stay while you’re in town. Asheville is a major tourist destination so places can fill up fast (especially in the Fall)! Additionally, many of the mountain locations I take my couples to are anywhere from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours outside of Asheville! Would you rather stay closer to the ceremony spot? Or closer to Asheville for fun things to do? There are lots of fun, little mountain towns outside of Asheville with plenty to do too!

* Be sure to apply for your marriage license at the local Register of Deeds office! Once you apply, the license is valid for 60 days before it needs to be validated by an officiant. So, don’t apply too soon either!

Leading up to your day....

Some vendors I love who will make your day great!






Pop-up Picnic Services

Venues with Views

Paint Rock Farm - www.paintrockfarm.com
Something Blue Mountain Venue - www.somethingbluemountainvenue.com
Laurel Falls Life - www.laurelfallslife.com

Vanessa Allen LaRotonda - www.adventureofficiant.com
Julia Davis - Heartfelt Elopements www.heartfeltelopements.com
Amanda Jones - Happy Ever Asheville www.happilyeverasheville.com
Katherine Dupree https://www.katherinedupree.com/
Jay Webb https://www.officiantjaywebb.com/

Petal and Fern - www.petalandfernwnc.com
Something Green Floral Design - www.somethinggreenfloraldesign.com
Carolina Flowers - www.carolinaflowers.com

Layered By Lex - www.layeredbylex.com
Verbena Events www.verbenaeventsavl.com

Anarie - www.anarie.com
Brushes and Braids - www.brushesandbraids.com
Gracie Collins - on Instagram - The Traveling Salon

Verbena Events - www.verbenaeventsavl.com
Braised and Confit - www.braisedandconfit.com
Chef Santiago - www.chefsantiago.com

Asheville Picnic Company www.ashevillepicniccompany.com
Asheville Luxury Picnics www.ashevilleluxurypicnics.com

Pet Care

Contract Reminders!

* When you receive your photos, I want you to share them to social media! But, I also require that you tag me in the photos @sparksintheforest.  

* Speaking of photos, you’ll receive your online gallery within 6 weeks of your wedding. I’ll also send a couple teasers within 48 hours for you to enjoy while you wait.

* Leave No Trace! During our time together in nature, it’s important that we follow Leave No Trace principals. Want to learn more about those? You can read up on them here. I just want to mention that it is a privilege that the national and state parks allow us to have ceremonies on their beautiful land. It’s important that we take care of the land so we can continue to do so!  

* I do not reschedule weddings/couples' sessions due to inclement weather unless it is completely unsafe to be on a mountain top (i.e. lightning, tornados, etc). I do, however, make sure we have a back-up location for you in case of rain/bad weather. I also bring clear umbrellas in case of rain! It’s best to be prepared and flexible!

Contracts are like agreeing to Apple’s Terms and Conditions. You mean you didn’t read the whole thing?! SHOCKER! That’s OK. Here are a few things I wanted to remind you of.

What the hell do we pack?!

* Additional clothing (jackets, hats, scarves depending on the time of year) There can be a pretty drastic temperature change between Asheville and the mountains due to elevation gain.
* Water and snacks! It’s important to stay hydrated and energized!
* Headlamp or flashlight if your ceremony time is at sunrise or sunset (don’t worry, I have an extra!)
* Comfortable shoes! I would highly recommend hiking in something other than your wedding attire shoes! Not only do dressier shoes lack grip for rocks, but I’ve seen them break during hikes haha! If you have guests coming, remind them of this too!

Personal items 

gettin' hitched items

If you plan on making your marriage legal in NC, don’t forget your
* Marriage license!

But also don’t forget your
* Rings
* Vows

big tip: make sure you're comfortable!

First, it’s important to consider whether you want to hike in your wedding attire or not.  
If you are hiking in your wedding attire, choose something you can move freely in! Also, choose a more durable fabric in case of snags!
If you don’t want to hike in your wedding attire, I have a privacy shelter you can use to change. 
Footwear is another important piece as mentioned before! You can always change into nicer shoes once you reach your destination.

Have questions or need clarification?  Reach out!

thanks again for choosing me as your photographer! 

If you'd like to learn more about eloping in Asheville, you can read my blog post on the subject!