Nantahala National Forest Ceremony – Keeka + Micah


Let me start by saying that I have the best job in the world! Micah and Keeka approached me about doing their June adventure elopement after COVID thwarted their original wedding plans. However, this elopement was really their vision and something that meant more to them than a big, traditional wedding.

Micah and Keeka are one of the most adventurous couples I know. So much so that they’re tackling the Appalachian Trail together this Spring! Their love and respect for one another is palpable and I felt incredibly lucky to capture their day.

Nantahala National Forest has a gorgeous area called Panthertown Valley. This location meant a lot to Micah and Keeka as they spend a lot of time hiking together there. Prior to their big day, I hiked with them to scout for the perfect locations for them to exchange vows. Initially, they had a beautiful waterfall chosen as their backdrop. During the hike however, we came across this beautiful rock face and we all knew this was the place!


When the big day finally came, we all met to back-pack in. Micah and Keeka invited a few of their closest friends, along with Amanda, badass officiant and owner of Happily Ever Asheville, and myself. The plan was for us to back-pack in, do a sunset ceremony, stay overnight, and do a sunrise day-after shoot. However, the weather had other plans! After meeting at the trailhead, the sky opened up and it was a torrential downpour! As we happily sloshed through the muddy trails to get to our destination, the rain was completely drowned out by laughter as we all got to know one another. Once we arrived at our camping spot, the rain had completely stopped and stayed at bay for the rest of the night!

Micah made us all delicious quesadillas after setting up camp. After dinner, it was time for the happy couple to change into their wedding outfits so we could do the damn thing! Micah made his way out to the rock face for the first look.

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Everything went off without a hitch! It was incredible to witness such a beautiful love, celebrated in such a beautiful place. They picked the perfect spot and we’ll all remember this day for the rest of our lives!

This is how every wedding should be! Your day should be about you and your love. It should be about doing all the things YOU want to do without obligation of what someone else might want. This is your biggest adventure yet! Make it count!




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