Appalachian Trail Ceremony – Bizzy + Max



DSC_9332.jpgLet’s talk about mountain weddings. These days, anyone who has heard the term “adventure wedding” immediately begins to associate them with Colorado, Washington, Oregon, or any other western state. The east coast has some pretty amazing spots too! Check out this wedding along the Appalachian Trail just outside Asheville, NC.
Bizzy and Max couldn’t have picked a more beautiful spot for their ceremony. The Blue Ridge Mountains offer some pretty epic views. One unique thing about the mountains of the east are “balds”. Balds are primarily found in the Southern Appalachians. They’re grassy mountain tops that provide an AMAZING location for you to say “I do” and frolic on your wedding day!



_DSC7766.jpgElopement along the Appalachian TrailDSC_9075.jpg_DSC7640.jpgDSC_9378.jpg
The Blue Ridge Mountains are the oldest mountains in the United States, second oldest in the entire world! I think that makes them pretty special! Let’s plan your special day in these special mountains.

Hey! I’m Laura Sparks, the ginger behind Sparks in the Forest. The possibilities really are endless in Western North Carolina! I could probably write a novel on all of the locations in Asheville, NC! I’ve lived in these mountains for more than 12 years. I’m here to help you find the perfect location and take some killer photos of you, too. You deserve a day that is about the two of you! Reach out so we can make your dream become a reality!