How To Find LGBTQ+ Inclusive Wedding Vendors

Are you looking for LGBTQ inclusive vendors in Asheville (or beyond)? I wanted to share a few tips for finding vendors that not just “tolerate” LGBTQ couples but truly CELEBRATE LGBTQ couples!

LGBTQ couple after their elopement near Asheville, NC

1. Observe their language

What do their contact forms look like on their website? Are they using language like “bride” or “groom”? Or are they using words like “partner” or “marrier”? If it’s a venue, how do they label their areas for couples to get ready in? Avoid places who specifically label their rooms by gender.

2. Do they feature LGBTQ+ couples on their website/social media?

I want to note here that perhaps there are some vendors who are very much 100% inclusive but may not have representation of it yet. Some vendors could be just starting out and they might not have had the opportunity to work with LGBTQ couples. So, make sure you pay attention to tip number 1!

3. Just ask!!

If you feel like a vendor is being hesitant after being asked, or just attempting to tell you what you want to hear, feel free to move on! Take your business to vendors who are TRULY in your corner!

LGBTQ couple celebrating after their wedding
Eloping LGBTQ couple looking at a waterfall near Asheville, NC

I hope these tips help! As always, any vendor I ever recommend to my couples will be 100% LGBTQ inclusive. I only work with other vendors that will completely celebrate you!

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Hey there! I’m Laura Sparks, owner/photographer here at Sparks in the Forest. I help eloping couples who love the outdoors have a day that is intentional, unique, and FUN. Reach out if you’re considering eloping in the Asheville area!