What To Wear For Your Mountain Elopement: 3 Tips For Choosing Wedding Attire

Alright, y’all. I’m finding that a lot of my clients have trouble figuring out what the heck to wear for their mountain elopement! That’s why I put together my top 3 tips for choosing your wedding attire so you can be better prepared! I truly believe having a ceremony in the mountains is the best way to do the damn thing!! BUT, if you’re not choosing the right clothing, it can present challenges. Read on!

1. Consider the season when choosing fabrics

If you’re getting married in the summertime, lightweight fabrics are always best. Something like silk or chiffon will help wick away moisture and keep you cool. There’s nothing worse than sweating in clothes that cause chaffing while you’re trying to enjoy your day. Alternatively, if you’re eloping in the Spring or Fall, it can get rather cold in the higher elevations. Layers and thicker fabrics are a must!

One other tip I’d give anyone wearing a dress, choose a dress/fabric that flows! You won’t regret it! When the wind catches your dress and tosses it around, it makes for some EPIC photos! If you’d rather have a more form fitting dress, you could always add a long veil for the same dramatic effect! (or do both!)

Couple eloping in Blue Ridge Mountains

2. Choose colors that will pop!

Consider the landscape in which you’re eloping. Avoid choosing colors that will blend in with the natural landscape around you. For instance, if you’re getting married in the lush, green forest, avoid wearing green. Hot tip: Use the color wheel! Using two hues directly opposite from each other on the color wheel will help make things pop. For instance, if the landscape around you is green, you could incorporate some reds. Choosing complementary colors will also give your photographs more balance visually.

3. Comfort, comfort, comfort

If you plan on hiking in your wedding attire, make sure it’s comfortable enough to hike in.

For dress-wearing folks: Avoid a tight-fitting dress that restricts your movement and could prevent you from stepping over logs or rocks. I recommend A-line style dresses and avoiding mermaid style dresses. That said, you can always hike in more comfortable clothing and change into your wedding attire once you’ve reached the ceremony location! However, still consider comfort for while you’re on the mountain. You’ll still want to be able to move while your portraits are being taken.

Shoes: I would either recommend choosing footwear that is appropriate to hike in such as traditional hiking boots, or some folks wear more stylish boots like Doc Marten’s or Blundstones. You can also pack a separate pair of shoes to get married in if the idea of getting married in boots doesn’t tickle your fancy. I’ve even had couples wear matching Chuck Taylors!

I hope these tips help! In closing, don’t be afraid to break tradition and choose attire that goes against the grain! Choose something that you feel like “you” in and makes you feel like a million bucks!

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Hey there! I’m Laura Sparks, owner/photographer here at Sparks in the Forest. I help eloping couples who love the outdoors have a day that is intentional, unique, and FUN. Reach out if you’re considering eloping in the Asheville area!